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RollerBone Classic Roller


34,95 €

RollerBone Classic Roller
RollerBone – passion for balance

Made for Balance Board Training and Fasciae Training

- Roller fits any Balance Board
- Perfect for Fasciae Rolling at home
- EVA Cover to protect your floor
- PVC Inner Tube for maximum stregth
- size: 33 cm, diameter: 13cm
- Can be used indoor and outdoor.
- Train a lot of different muscles

“Qualtiy seal – Movement & Innovation from the Institute for Movement Education and Motion Research”

"Turn every board into a balance board"

Regarding Fasciae Rolling:

The Classic Roller from RollerBone is a very convenient training tool, thanks to its pleasant soft EVA surface, fits the roller perfectly for fasciae rolling. Whether you are a beginner, returner or completely new in the field of faciae rolling, the Classic Roller will help you to solve your bonding. After a few workouts significant improvements can be made.

- regnerate your body with simple exercises
- improve your dailing well beeing effortless
- improve the performance of your muscles significantly
- Application:: Working Life, Recreation, Sport, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy

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