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Spinera Professional Lets Go 6


Spinera Professional Lets Go 6

This tube is specially made for commercial use with maximum durability. Heavy Duty material, Tarpulin bottom, the tube is completely enclosed in a nylon sheath, 3 drawbar eyes are sewn at several draw points and numerous soft nylon handles with underlying neoprene pads stand for the outstanding and professional quality of Spinera.

Special wide seats for up to 6 big adults! «The ultimate fun on the water for up to 6 people! So let`s go!

Notre ligne de bouees professionnelles sont specialement fait pour des bases nautiques. Les bouees sont faites de nylon haut resistant à la dechirure. La partie interieure gonflable est faite de PVC de 0.9mm. Toutes les bouees pro ont une protection de Tarpuline 0.8mm d`epaisseur sur le fond. Cette protection PVC renforcee et lisse permet egalement de reduire la consommation de carburant du bateau.

Professional Series/Heavy Duty Rental
36 Gauge
Size: 122”x118”/310*300cm (Inflated)
PVC Thickness: 0,9mm
Polyester Cover Thickness: 1680D
Fully padded comfort Handles
w. EVA Knuckle Guards: 45
2 Boston Valve for fast inflation & deflation
Qick Connector Hook
1 year Warranty
Special: – 0.8mm tarpulin bottom
– comfortable/wide seating are

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