RRD Evolution MK9 2017 (Orange) 6,3-6,8 View larger

RRD Evolution MK9 (Orange) 6,3-6,8


349,00 €

Optimised for early planing, the Evolution gets you moving effortlessly, plus at the
other end offers great control and an ease of use that makes the fun factor unbeatable. Low end drive is the key feature of this sail and runs deep into its DNA since its inception. However through developments in the leech tension and outline we managed to massively increase the control at the top end, giving an extended wind range. From our non stop research and development, and countless hours on all sail lines, we were able to focus all the power and drive of the Evolution right where the rider needs it and right where they can control it. For the rider who wants to get up and moving quickly and maximize their fun on the water.

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